Wednesday, January 27th - Morning Session

With the snowfall yesterday afternoon, both our prayer meetings were on Zoom this morning.  We started at 6am.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces early in the morning.  As the morning started we prayed, asking to be attentive to the Lord.  As many of us face different struggles and challenges we wanted to have an ear to the Lord.  In the quietness of the morning, we brought the broken pieces that we carry and asked the Lord to restore, heal, comfort the weary and for God to transform us into His image.  We divided up into breakout rooms so we could virtually lay hands on one another by lifting up intercession for each other.

As 7am rolled around our prayer meeting grew and we sensed the Lord leading our time to pray for the younger generation.  We see such value in the younger generation and lifted many of them up by name throughout the start of our prayer meeting.  Typically Wednesdays are a night geared towards family and the youth.  It was a blessed time to be able to intercede for them.  We were encouraged that God is up to something larger than we can imagine and that the youth will play a role in what that looks like.  While COVID has derailed and created an unknown for many of our lives, God will always take what was intended to destroy and turn it for something good to further His kingdom.  While we continue on in our week of prayer and fasting, we are anticipating seeing the incredible fruit this challenging season will yield.

Continue to monitor our website and social media for information regarding our gathering tonight.  We're praying the snow melts off and our sanctuary can once again fill with those hungry for the Lord.