We are here to come along side you in every stage of marriage.

Whether you're preparing for marriage, struggling in a marriage crisis or simply need support, we desire to offer a space of authenticity and growth for all married couples.

Marriage Counseling

We are here to walk with you through whatever you're experiencing in marriage. If you are starting your journey towards marriage, we would love to support you! Fill out the form to get started, or find more info about weddings.
We know that marriage can also be hard. If you would like personal counseling or get connected with our marriage counseling team, please contact Matt or Frankie. 

Marriage "Tune Up"

Would you be interested in meeting with one of our marriage mentor couples for a marriage "tune up" session, or as a group, for one hour? Click the button below!

Thrive Marriage Events

Throughout the year we do gatherings of couples for a special night of refreshment, enrichment, encouragement and fun! Stay tuned for our next THRIVE night.

Marriage Books + Resources

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Marriage Ministry

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Marriage Ministry