Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Calvary Corvallis is adjusting its missions vision to emphasize two paths of service in the area of cross-cultural ministries. Along with long-term missionary care and short-term missions, we will pursue an even greater emphasis on outreach to local international students who attend Oregon State University each year. The hope is to bring a cohesive and connected vision in the areas where our church family is already involved, as well as new God-inspired ideas to come, and also to eventually encourage interconnection between both local and overseas outreach.

Local Cross-Cultural Outreach

Outreach to International Students 

There are approximately 3,300 international students representing over 100 different nations attending OSU this year and the number will be higher next year. The nations are coming to us right here in Corvallis! For most of these students, experiencing the American culture is both exciting and overwhelming. This opens doors of opportunity for our church to reach out, providing ways for international students to connect in safe environments. Many events sponsored by Calvary have been in existence for some time and will continue to grow. Others are just being birthed.

Overseas Cross-Cultural Outreach

Short Term Missions

We send out short-term teams on trips that are typically one to two weeks long to locations around the world. Teams evangelize, work on projects, and support established ministries.

Long Term Missionary Care

There are many individuals and families who are part of our church family but have chosen to lay down their lives in service to God by leaving the comforts they have known and stepping into new and often unknown places in the world. Our church supports them through varying levels of financial sponsorship and through prayer and encouragement.

Long Term Missionaries 

John and Beth

John and Beth married in August of 2007. They attended the Cornerstone School of Ministry in 2008-2009. In 2010, they attended a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Colorado.
They are now living and serving full time with YWAM Colorado Springs Strategic Frontiers. John is the Chief Financial Officer and serves on the Board of Directors. Beth provides pastoral care. She also uses her midwifery skills to train both student and indigenous midwives and affect maternal child health in the nations through community health education.


S grew up in Corvallis. God used the Calvary Corvallis high school ministry to put a love in her heart for the Lord and His word.  S felt God leading her to help provide His word to people who don’t have it yet. After graduating from OSU, she attended Cornerstone School of Ministry where God further equipped her and continued to confirm this direction for her life. 

I Family

They met at Calvary Corvallis in 2006 and were married soon after. They have served in several capacities, including international student ministries, house church leadership, Cornerstone School of Ministry, and the children’s ministry.
They were sent out by our church body in 2013 to join the Guild training network in Little Arabia (located in Southern California). They serve as team leaders of a pioneer church planting team within the Arab Muslim community. In addition to working full-time and raising their girls in the community, they are learning Arabic language and culture and building meaningful relationships with their Muslim neighbors. They and their team long to see Muslim families and individuals falling in love with Jesus, enjoying the blessings of his kingdom, and transforming their communities for the glory of God here and abroad. 


Sharon attended Calvary services when the church was still meeting at Crescent Valley High School.
Her parents came to faith through China Inland Mission and she was dedicated to the Lord when she was a baby. When she was 14, she was called to serve her people. Her first missionary work was the seven years Sharon and her late husband spent together serving Chinese churches in Japan. God’s mercy not only strengthened her, turning her around to follow His calling, and igniting her with a new heart of love to serve her people again.

Sharon and her husband, Jerry, are pressing on for God’s plan for them. While they are serving Internationals in Corvallis, their other ministry under the lead of International Training Alliance, ITA, is to train young church leaders among Chinese diaspora in Brisbane, Australia.  Sharon currently serves on staff at Calvary as our Nations Team Leader.

Scott and Briana

Scott and Briana are serving in the Netherlands with the International students that come from all over the world to study there. They are serving with Navigators.  Navigators are an International organization that focuses on one on one discipleship and the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus through spiritual generations of ordinary believers passing their faith onto to those around them.  

They will be serving for two years in the Netherlands and then see where God has them from there.  Whether that is helping the international student ministry grow in the Netherlands, or taking what they have learned back to the US, or going to a new place altogether.

Alise Fleming

Alise is serving with Campus Crusade (Cru) in Orlando, Florida.

This school year definitely looks much different than normal. Most of our students have chosen virtual school, but a few are attending face-to-face classes. Because we cannot meet in large groups right now, and outside clubs are discouraged from being on campus (to limit numbers) we are mostly meeting off-campus, in parks, coffee shops, backyards, etc. Because the students are online all day for classes, we are trying to do fewer things virtually and instead we are trying to focus this year doing more small groups. Usually our big group meetings are where we find/meet new students and share the gospel, but this year we have to change some of that and change the way we do things. We are going to learn how to do "small things well", and just trust that God may be using less to accomplish even more. We have more bible studies and one-on-one groups, and now she's excited to use those to grow more in deeper relationships with the students and to train them in relational evangelism and how to intentionally pursue their friends with the love of Christ, since we can't do big outreaches anymore. We have a couple of socially distanced outdoors events planned - a city wide (for all the HS campuses in Orlando with Cru) worship night, and a prayer experience. Hopefully they will invite friends and we can meet new students who don't know God. 
Due to the sensitive nature of their work, contact with our missionaries is sensitive, and some of our missionaries are not listed.
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