Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Calvary Corvallis is adjusting its missions vision to emphasize two paths of service in the area of cross-cultural ministries. Along with long-term missionary care and short-term missions, we will pursue an even greater emphasis on outreach to local international students who attend Oregon State University each year. The hope is to bring a cohesive and connected vision in the areas where our church family is already involved, as well as new God-inspired ideas to come, and also to eventually encourage interconnection between both local and overseas outreach.

Local Cross-Cultural Outreach

Outreach to International Students 

There are approximately 3,300 international students representing over 100 different nations attending OSU this year and the number will be higher next year. The nations are coming to us right here in Corvallis! For most of these students, experiencing the American culture is both exciting and overwhelming. This opens doors of opportunity for our church to reach out, providing ways for international students to connect in safe environments. Many events sponsored by Calvary have been in existence for some time and will continue to grow. Others are just being birthed.

Overseas Cross-Cultural Outreach

Short Term Missions

We send out short-term teams on trips that are typically one to two weeks long to locations around the world. Teams evangelize, work on projects, and support established ministries.

Long Term Missionary Care

There are many individuals and families who are part of our church family but have chosen to lay down their lives in service to God by leaving the comforts they have known and stepping into new and often unknown places in the world. Our church supports them through varying levels of financial sponsorship and through prayer and encouragement.  To see Calvary's missionaries, click below.