Day 3 - Morning

“Holy Spirit you are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.” This morning at prayer and fasting the spirit was moving. We prayed out that God would fill us and for His provision over our lives. We asked for God to use us and work through us to reach the communities surrounding each person. We corporately prayed that God’s will be known and that He will show us the way He has for our lives. 

We ended the morning with visions and how God has been moving in people hearts. One vision a woman had was like skydiving God is asking us to jump and not hold back because of fear but jump in faith and trusting in Jesus.  Another vision shared was of all the voices tangled together while worshiping. Each voice is unique but singing one song and praising one God.

Next, a vision was shared of a girl trying to run to the Lord who’s at the top of the mountain. But she was wearing a lot of coats and that was her comfort but also holding her back from making it up the hill. She dropped the coats and ran to the Lord freely though and He filled her because He is enough. Symbolizing to drop the baggage or anything holding us back and to chase after the Lord.

Lastly, someone spoke out that God is the master of our trajectory and while we are praying big prayers this week, sometimes God moves only a few degrees but we don’t know what the impact of that will be in the future. God is still moving this week!

We will be back together in the Prayer Chapel at noon and then on OSU's campus at 7:30pm tonight!