Day 3 - Morning

We opened with a reminder that: His mercies are new every morning but they don’t stop overnight - He is steadfast, even while we sleep.  We rejoiced in thankfulness for the cross and spent time reflecting on God's love and care for us with another person.  
It was prayed out, "Are you dry, rigid, cracked maybe scarred?"  Like a dry piece of leather, when oil spilled out it is  brought life and can flex and is restored to beautiful and useful.

We also had a time share our gratitude for the Lord.  How our trials draw us to Him,  His power is made perfect in weakness, He speaks to us, His faithfulness and love, how he's a tender Shepherd who listens, and that we find joy in Him.  

We prayed in smaller circles for the things crushing us, with gratitude and trust that all things will be turned and used for good. Prayers to have chances to share the gospel today, to be unashamed because He has poured out his blood and fills us with His Spirit to overflow so we can help others be full too.

With evening prayer on campus, we prayed for Real Life.  We prayed for campus: that Real Life would be a beacon of light on campus and students would be drawn to it.  For God to establish unity within the campus ministries, an awakening for OSU professors to come to faith and that All Campus Worship would fill LaSells with 1,000  students.