Day 3 Evening

The night started with a student, Kieran S., sharing his testimony. He stated, "He grew up in a secular household, with little to no Christian influence in his life.” He went on to say that until college, he did not experience God, or even think there could be a God. After class, during a conversation with Nicholas DuVernay, a student affiliated with Real Life, Kieran learned about the ministry on the Oregon State campus and its week of prayer and fasting. Despite initial hesitation, Kieran attended Real Life that night and ultimately decided to dedicate his life to the Lord. The testimony on prayer and fellowship encouraged others to be bold and explore their relationship with God.

Chad shared a few verses out of Acts 10, he conveyed that everyone present at Real Life was there for a purpose, as God was personally seeking them out. The evening progressed into prayer circles, where students connected and joined groups led by leaders with light-up lanyards. The groups ranged in size from 6-10, as new students were finding groups, and students that are familiar with the night were encouraging them to join groups.
In the circle, Chad encouraged the attendees to pray a prayer of gratitude, wisdom in how to navigate a hard situation, physical needs/emotional hurts, future plans, forgiveness, and others in your life to be saved. 
Within the prayer circles, leaders gave the opportunity to share prayer requests, and the group members took time to pray for each individual person.