Day 5 Morning

Lord, awaken our hearts this morning - fill us with Your love!

One theme from this morning was the Lord's great love for us. It's deeper than any ocean, higher than the heavens, and reaching beyond the stars in the sky. His love has no bounds! We sang about how it's better to spend one day in the Lord's courts than a thousand elsewhere. The Lord's love is all we'll ever need. We prayed that the Lord would pour His love into our hearts, and that that Love would overflow into the lives of others.

Another theme from this morning was the theme of victory and fighting battles. So many are fighting battles this week, and are desperate for breakthrough. We were reminded of the Israelites when they were traveling to Jericho - God said He would go before them, and that they had to walk around the walls of Jericho. On the 7th day, the walls came down. In the same way, we are walking around the city walls this week - the Lord has gone before us and He's already won the battle! We thanked the Lord for all the trials and hardships we've gone through and are continuing to go through, because we know that they were necessary for our growth and to know His love and forgiveness - none of the pain or tears have been forgotten by Him. Thank you, Lord, that You are near to the brokenhearted. We pray for those who are desperate for breakthrough this week.

There was a vision given on Zoom of embers in the grass, and how we're all represented as an ember. Some of the embers were getting snuffed out and were dimly lit, but as the wind of our prayers blew on the embers, they got a little brighter and soon ignited into a flame. Our prayers are the spiritual oxygen fueling the flame, and helping ignite those whose flames have been snuffed out. Thank you, Lord, that Your church body is like a symphony - we all come from different walks of life, different ages, experiences...but we are united as one in You, and can lift each other up and bear one another's burdens.

Join us this afternoon at 12pm in the prayer chapel or at 7pm in the sanctuary!