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Our house church leadership is always looking for people willing to lead a house church or host a house church.  To shepherd a house church you will lead weekly (or bi-monthly) gatherings of families and individuals in our body.  A house church host has the gathering at their home.   If you are interested in either, click below to contact our house church leadership team.

House Church Leader Testimony

Olivia Johnson

20 years ago, when Bryan and I first started seeking hard after the Lord as a married couple, we started attending a Calvary in Washington.  We signed up to attend a House Church in our neighborhood, in the home of a precious family whose heart was to bless and minister to God’s people. However, we found that due to Bryan‘s work schedule, I was increasingly attending House Church on my own, getting our toddler ready to go, there and back again, by myself.  It was feeling really lopsided.  It was suggested that Bryan and I host House Church, so Bryan could arrive home after work, grab a plate of dinner, and join right in.

Well, at the time we were living in a 750 square-foot duplex. One floor, one bathroom. Surely we can’t open our home to host a House Church! It was not big! It was not grand! It certainly didn’t compare with everyone else’s house. But by faith, we said yes. Romans 12:13 says that we are to, “practice hospitality“. We practiced getting our house clean before people arrived. And with time we got better. We practiced with the children, creating boundaries and rules for them during our gathering.  And with time that got easier.

We practiced making people feel welcomed and loved in our tiny home.  I had two small children. But God is my strength. The practical messy aftermath of a House Church gathering in your home is a reality. But so is the eternal blessing of obedience and relationships. The Greek word for, “ hospitality“ can mean: showing love to strangers. The people who show up to your house church might start out like strangers, but they will not stay that way for long!