Morning Day 2

We opened our time in the morning heavily focused on God’s father-like love for us. Susie shared a picture of how our relationship with God is similar to a parent’s love to a newborn child. The newborn is helpless in every way; looking to the parent for its needs to be met, but not giving consideration to the parent. The parent loves the child unconditionally and deeply desires the child’s love in return and to be in close fellowship with it  The Lord desires for us to draw near to Him and give Him the things that worry us.

This morning was filled with an outpour of surrender and humility. Someone prayed that, as a church, we would submit our needs to the Lord and look to Him to be our guidance, as well as trust Him with our needs, as He is our great provider.  

While in smaller prayer groups, Pastor Rob encouraged us to give the Lord an “I love you” response back to the Lord as a form of praise. A passage was read from John 6. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.” As we pray for a variety of different things this week, we also need to pray that God’s heart would be revealed to us, and that He would direct our steps.  

To end the prayer meeting, the older generation prayed over the younger and upcoming generation. Someone prayed that they would be lifted up before the Lord and be devoted to Him as they continue to walk through life. Others prayed their blessing over them and that their faith would be made stronger through trials. There were also prayers for the young, lost people who have yet to know Jesus, and that our college students would be the light for them as they encounter many people on Campus.  

We are excited to see God work as we continue to seek His guidance this week!