Day 2 Evening

“Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you.” (Isaiah 33:2)
Day 2 of prayer and fasting and we are thankful. Thankful for the gift of God’s presence, for it is real and it is moving. This morning our prayer chapel was filled with multiple generations praising God for His goodness. Prayers poured out over the younger generations as their hearts desire to be on fire for God and His kingdom.
Holy Spirit we are dependent on You. You see us and hear the cries of our hearts, Lord. We ask that you heal all parts of us. You are the God who sees and love it when we ask. We pour out our hearts to you God, in hopes that we can hear Your heart. We want to see your Spirit move mightily.
We are praying to be in the throne room of grace. We ask that heaven comes down into our circles tonight. May the worship continue into each prayer group and fill our hearts. Desiring for boldness to ask great things. Lord, keep our gaze fixed on You. Humbling our hearts, we ask for You to move in powerful ways God. That people would be drawn back to You, confessing and repenting. Lord, we ask that you save the unsaved and bring them to your feet. Pour out your Spirit on us, as we desire to know You and feel Your presence.