What is the purpose of a House Church?

To grow in the knowledge and service of Jesus by gathering together. We seek to know Christ better while we rejoice together and bear one another’s burdens in prayer and daily living. We were not saved to be do this life alone. House church is how we get to walk that out in our lives and live out the Gospel together in fellowship and service.

What do we do in a House Church?

We grow in Christ together through prayer, worship, and Bible study. Some groups will also eat a meal together, often potluck style, or do snacks, or a dessert. The point of any activity in our house churches is to grow in maturity in Christ and in depth of relationship with one another - in order that we can live out “quiet and Godly lives” that are pleasing to the Lord and in accordance to His Word and good plan for us. 

Who is a House Church for?

We model our house church groups on the book of Acts, so we firmly believe that House Church is for EVERYONE in the body of Christ! Kids, grandparents, men, women, married and single, young and old - God made us to be in fellowship with one another and gifted us to minister to one another. There’s strength and opportunity for growth when we meet together as families of all different backgrounds and ages. 

How do I join a House Church?

The easiest way to join a house church is to fill out the form for a list of all our current house churches. Then our staff or house church ministry team will help you and your family find the house church that works for you! You can also email our administrator by clicking here!

What if the House Church I join isn’t working out?

That’s ok! While we don’t advocate jumping from house church to house church, the truth is that sometimes it takes trying a group or two to find the spot God has for you and that works for your family. It doesn’t always work the first time, and that’s ok - don’t give up! God wants you to grow and have deep fellowship with others in the body of Christ - Of that we have no doubt!  You can always email us if you need help or click here for a list of our current house churches.

My house church isn’t meeting anymore - what should I do? 

Seasons come and go and the same goes for House Church groups. For a variety of reasons, a house church group may stop meeting for a time as leaders or members move to new seasons in life. Whatever the reason, reach out us and we can help you get into a new group and stay connected in fellowship.  You can also click here for a list of our current house churches.

I really need to fix some issues in my life - should I wait to join a House Church? 

Please don’t wait! Jesus has restoration, healing and hope for you - above what we can ask or imagine! So often, just like in the early church in the book of Acts, we find that He meets many of our physical or spiritual needs through the fellowship and love we find in our house church families. It is a place of healing and hope, where we can confess or seek counsel from other believers, and prayerfully brings things before the Lord together. We have seen Him restore relationships, heal sicknesses, and bring hope to the broken in and through House Churches.  Calvary also has a ministry called Break Every Chain that walks individuals through life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits.  Click here for more info about Break Every Chain.