Friday, January 29th - Morning Session

A quiet stillness settled on the sanctuary as Joseph and his wife, Riley, lead us in worship.  God's presence filled the room as we opened our hearts and ears to His voice.  People paused as we simply enjoyed a time of worship and resting in the Lord's presence.

Later in the morning, our Zoom prayer time was lead by Pastor Rick.  Pastor Rick shared that God had been pressing on his heart a longing for the body to regather.  In this hard season, the people of God have been humbled, sifted and refined.  We asked God to bring the body of Calvary Corvallis back together in unity and a oneness in Christ.  A woman shared that she saw a picture of the bride coming towards Christ, our bridegroom, and she saw anticipation and longing in the bridegroom's eyes.  As much as we long for the Lord, He longs for a relationship with us.  As things start coming back together, we remembered to past prayer meetings where it was shared that although the mirror is getting put back together, it won't look the same.  But, the change is exciting!  God has humbled us and took back ground that we, as the church, didn't even know we had lost.  

On a previous Saturday night prayer, Pastor Rob had shared that he sensed a harvest was coming.  God isn't done so we press on, following His lead.  We prayed for the followers of Jesus who don't even attend Calvary and the church across the world.  And prayers for those who are still to be saved.

Our Zoom prayer meeting was also joined by one of our missionaries on the field and one who is getting ready to leave for the field.  It is an exciting time to be a follower of Jesus!  We prayed that God would protect, strengthen and encourage each of them and their families.  Some of our missionaries have kids on the field, so we prayed that the kids would be touched by the Lord and have boldness. We lifted up each missionary by name and asked the Lord to meet each ones physical, financial and spiritual needs.