Day 6 - Morning

One of our interns, Nicholi, opened the morning with prayer and then we worshiped with Jonathan leading.  

We sang over our loved ones who aren't walking with Lord.  We closed worship standing and singing, "To our God we lift up one voice...singing hallelujah..."

After worship we rejoiced and thanked the Lord for all the work He has done this week.  Lives were changed, friends and family were saved and God has built back and restored each of us.  He has shown us our identity in Him and recaptured our hearts.  Thankfulness was shared about the sacrifice that Jesus paid on the cross to save humanity and bring us into a relationship with the Father.  

As our "church retreat" closes, we were thankful for the relationships we have established with each other.  Our prayer requests opened our hearts to each other and the vulnerability created lasting bonds.  We have found deep joy in our relationships with each other as we sought the Lord together.  

With tomorrow being the final day, we prayed that we didn't want the work to stop Saturday.  That we would continue to seek the Lord, spend time with Him, do the deep and hard work and walk with Him.  The work has been hard, but lifechanging and lifegiving.  With only 48hrs left, we wanted our hearts and eyes open for the Lord to keep moving.  We want to get every last thing from the Lord.