Monday, January 25th - Evening Session 

"Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…" (Eph. 6:18)

Churches have been humbled.  We have been humbled.  The old beveled mirror is gone, but God is putting the church back together in a mosaic.  He is pulling all the fractured, shattered and splintered pieces back together to create something new.  Mirrors are made to reflect, as the church is made to reflect Christ.  Even in our brokenness, God can create something beautiful that will reflect Him. The old mirror will not be put back together, there will be a new one created to better reflect the Lord.  And the mortar holding the mosaic together is the Lord.

As about 80 people joined online on Zoom, God revealed more about the shards of glass.  He showed us that as mirrors age their silver backing peels off and can lose its reflective surface.  In order to resurface the mirror, acid is poured on to remove the old silver and then new silver is laid on.

When you go to pick up the shards, they can be brittle and sharp.  The pointed and piercing edges can cut and cause pain and harm.  It was revealed that the sharp parts of the glass are pride.  God wants to do a work of humility and re-bevel the edges.  Pride will cause pain to ourselves, those around us and the people who try to help heal the brokenness.

Some people are shards that are upside down with black sides showing.  There’s a darkness that cannot reflect the light of Jesus.  And when people come to get close to that shard they get cut and poked.

During our Zoom meeting we prayed for Freya and our children’s ministry program.  One of the individuals on Zoom sensed from the Lord that the tiny splinters that people can easily miss are our children.  Our children are valuable.  Another shared about how you can use bread to pick up the glass so you don’t get cut.  We prayed for the lost and forgotten.  The little shards that are so easily missed and easiest to forget.  We asked that they would be drawn to His Word, to seek Him and that He would speak truth to them.
For the times we are cut by the glass, we asked the Lord would fill us with His love and grace and for an understanding, gentle response.  God isn’t going to waste the season we’re in.  And as we abide in His love, we are expecting great things.  And God is stirring new things.

As it says in Hosea 10:12, “…and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD…”  Now is the time to plow the fallow ground, drawing up fertile soil.  God is doing something different and He is creating something new.

May we be the body of Christ, choosing to be planted in His fertile soil so that we would receive the nutrient rich soil.  And as we grow, that we would reflect Him, like a mirror.