Daniel Chen

High School Pastor 

When Daniel was in 7th grade, he told God, “I have nothing to offer you but will you love me?” God responded, “Yes! I have always loved you.” That moment he knew God and God knew him. God became Daniel's savior. After high school he asked God to take away the pain in his heart and God did. God told Daniel to longer live for himself but to live for Him. That moment God became the Lord of his life. Not long after He told Daniel to start reading His Word. He started in Matthew and as he read he fell deeply in love with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Daniel could not believe how God loved him and willingly gave His life for him. From there he started to serve God as his Savior, Lord and love of his life. Following God’s will has been one amazing adventure after another.

In 2009, God brought Daniel the most amazing gift. He met his wife, Rosanna. They met serving together in a college ministry in California. They were wed in March of 2015. She has been Daniel's biggest support and partner in this adventure God has for them.