Health Policy

Please ensure you follow these guidelines to protect your little ones and other families in the ministry!!  If your child (or anyone in your family) has any of the following symptoms please stay at home and do not check them into a class.
· Persistent Cough
· Fever, vomiting, or diarrhea within the last 48 hours
· Runny nose: mucus that is not clear or running profusely
· Spots or rashes
· Oozy eyes and/or pink eyes

Also it is important for families to know that our family room is not intended for sick children.

Thank you for your understanding, we know your children are so very precious and they deserve to be treated that way!!! If you have any questions, please contact Freya.

Check In Policy

We are currently meeting online.
-Families check in at the main sign in station in the entryway.
-You can search for family name or by your cellphone number.
-Select names and the correct corresponding classes.
-Make sure to check your cell phone number AND cell provider is in for you and any other adult member of your family that is responsible for picking up your children.
- If you want to edit or add any new information e.g. addresses or birthdays please contact volunteers at the desk.
- your child will keep their name tag and you will keep your pickup label for after service.
-please make sure to have it ready to show the teachers upon pick up.
- for your child's safety we have instructed our teachers not to let children go without a matching pick up label.